The Estelle & Thild Super Bioactive Skincare Collection from Naturisimo

For over a month now I’ve been using three skincare products from the Estelle & Thild Bioactive Collection* very kindly sent to me from the lovely people at Naturisimo. You’ve probably heard me talk about Naturisimo a lot recently, that’s because ever since my Natural Beauty Week last year I have become obsessed with discovering and trialling natural cruelty-free skincare brands, and Naturisimo is the UK’s leading organic online beauty retailer and my first port of call for all things natural.

Beauty | Estelle & Thild Super Bioactive Collection from Naturisimo

I have to admit, Estelle & Thild wasn’t a brand I was familiar with prior to using these three products. The award-winning luxury Sweedish skincare brand specialises in creating certified organic products using only the purest of ingredients with unique formulas that are gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin. When founder Pernilla Ronnberg realised that a typical morning routine can contain over 200 chemicals, most unnecessary and potentially harmful to the skin and body, she made the decision to use pure bio-active ingredients in her products that claim to “revolutionize the fight against ageing with the breakthrough science of marine microalgae” which became an instant success in Scandinavian.

The key ingredients throughout the Super Bioactive range are marine microalgae (a powerful antioxidant that is 500x more effective than vitamin E and works to prevent and repair UV damage), Hyaluronic Acid (which helps to reduce fine lines and smooth the skin’s surface) and PHA (a group of hydroxy acids that accelerates cellular renewal).

Super Bioactive Repairing Oil Complex

Super Bioactive Repairing Oil Complex* (£59/30ml)

I’ve been using this 100% natural vitamin-rich super oil every night in order to boost my skin’s elasticity and soften the fine lines around my mouth, forehead and eyes. I have a very oily t-zone but this doesn’t clog up my pores or leave any residue or buildup. Only the tiniest of drops from the glass pipette is needed to cover my entire face, so this 30ml bottle should last a very long time. The lightweight oil absorbs easily into the skin making it feel instantly softer and leaving a delicate floral scent. The oil has definitely increased the moisture retention of my skin as promised and gave my complexion an overall radiance boost, making my skin look plumper and healthier. 

Super Bioactive Lifting Eye Serum

Super Bioactive Lifting Eye Serum* (£39/15ml)

Due to years of neglecting my glasses, I am starting to notice my undereye area becoming more and more creased and lined. The thin white cream is very gentle and soothing when applied to my eye area and absorbs quickly into the skin. The lifting eye serum’s ‘line-filling concentrate’ claims to tighten and brighten the eye area making wrinkles less noticeable, however, after a month of using this product twice daily I have yet to notice any visible improvement in mine. I will continue to use this product and keep you update but so far I am a little underwhelmed with this serum.

Estelle & Thild Super Bioactive Age Control Serum

Super Bioactive Age Control Serum* (£59/30ml)

This is by far my favourite product out of the three. Not only does it smell heavenly, but it also leaves my skin feeling beautifully soft and, when combined with the oil, gives my skin a youthful glow that makes me look healthier and rejuvenated. I am even starting to notice that the lines across my forehead are way less noticeable than they used to be and I’ve even received compliments and comments about the appearance of my skin since using this. My skin tone appears to be more even and my skin feels more supple and ‘bouncier’ than it used to be. Using this serum every day actually feels like I am pampering my skin, it feels so indulgent and leaves my skin instantly softer.

Estelle & Thild Super Bioactive Age Control Serum

Overall, I am very impressed with the Estelle & Thild Super Bioactive range. I can’t see myself purchasing the Lifting Eye Cream just yet as I was a little disappointed with the results, but I will continue using it and keep you up-to-date with the results. The combination of the Repairing Oil and Age Control Serum, however, has done wonders for my skin and although these products come with a luxury price tag, personally, skincare is one area I don’t mind investing in if I can see and feel a noticeable difference in the texture, radiance and overall youthfulness of my complexion and these two products definitely delivered.

The Estelle & Thild Super Bioactive range is available from Naturisimo here.