Currently Testing | Estelle and Thild Super Bioactive Skincare

The joys of having the combination skin of a 27-year-old is that not only do I still have to deal with blemishes (my crazy pregnancy hormones aren’t helping with this situation) but my face now has the pleasure of welcoming its first signs of aging. This means I’ve had to up my skincare game drastically.

Beauty | Skincare I'm Currently Testing - Estelle and Thild

I am currently in the process of trying three products from the luxury Sweedish skincare range Estelle and Thild, now available from the UK’s leading online organic beauty retailer, Naturisimo. Estelle & Thild is a certified organic range of skincare with a philosophy of sustainability, effectiveness and only using the purest of ingredients. The unique formulas are gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin and are safe to use during pregnancy. 

The Repairing Oil Complex* (£59/30ml), Lifting Eye Serum* (£39/15ml) and Age Control Serum* (£59/30ml) are from the Super Bioactive range which claims to “revolutionize the fight against aging with the breakthrough science of marine microalgae”. The advanced anti-aging products promise to help repair tired and stress complexions, improve the appearance of lines, wrinkles and delay the signs of aging linked to UV exposure and cellular degeneration.  

My first impressions of the collection are positive. The products are suitable for all skin types and are showing no signs of congesting or irritating my sensitive skin. The serum is a joy to use, it absorbs easily and smells heavenly; it’s becoming my favourite to use out the three. I have high hopes for the Super Bioactive range but only time will tell if they deliver on their promises.

What skincare products are you currently trialing at the moment?

Have you tried any products from the Estelle & Thild collection?