NYX Dream Catcher Palette in Golden Horizons | Review & Swatches

The NYX Dream Catcher Palette comes in three versions – Stormy Skies, Dusk Til Dawn and Golden Horizon, which are now available at FeelUnique.com for £13 each. Each palette contains 10 shades and a secret compartment which reveals a hidden mirror and dual-tip sponge applicator which I only just discovered yesterday. I’ve been so impressed with the NYX collection so far (click here to read my review of the NYX HD Studio Finishing Powder) I had high hopes for this beautifully packaged eyeshadow palette.

Beauty | NYX Dream Catcher Palette in Golden Horizons

Unfortunately, I ordered the wrong version of the Dream Catcher palette, I meant to order the Stormy Skies version Laura Leth used in her Soft Brown Eyes & Lips ft. NYX Nordics tutorial on YouTube (available to watch here if you’re interested). I wasn’t too worried however when my delivery arrived as I was still impressed with the combination of easy to wear neutrals and their golden undertones with a range of shimmer, matte and satin finishes. 

Beauty | NYX Dream Catcher Palette in Golden Horizons

As I swatched the first row of eyeshadows I grew increasingly disappointed. The quality of each shadow is incredibly inconsistent. The colour payoff in the purple shade, for example, is pretty much non-existent. The pigmentation of the majority of the matte shades on the bottom row are also incredibly poor, I had to build layer upon layer to get any kind of colour payoff and even then I found them powdery and uninspiring. 

Beauty | NYX Dream Catcher Palette in Golden Horizons

As you can probably tell from the swatches below the shadows give a very faint and washed out appearance with a few exceptions. Yes, this palette is only £13 so I wasn’t expecting the same quality as a Naked palette, however, for £4 I could pick up a Makeup Revolution palette such as Iconic 1 which would blow Golden Horizons out the water so there’s really no excuse for such poor quality.

This pretty palette is a primary example of style over substance. This is exactly why I hate purchasing beauty products online without having the opportunity to try them out first. This is the first NYX product I have been disappointed with, fingers crossed it’s the last.

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