Collection Highlight & Sculpt Contour Kit Review

Recently I picked up the Collection Eyes Uncovered Nude Rose Palette, Speedy Highlighter and the Highlight & Sculpt Contour Kit all for under £10 at Superdrug. Initially, I was really impressed with my three purchases, they looked incredible quality for the price and some looked like very convincing dupes for high-end products, such as the Clinique Chubby Stick Highlighter. Unfortunately, the first product I tried, the Speedy Highlighter, was a little disappointing, let’s hope I’m more impressed with the Highlight & Sculpt Contour Kit…

Beauty | Collection Highlight & Sculpt Contour Kit

The kit, which is available in only one colour combination, comes in sleek black plastic packaging and contains two powders; a highlighter and a bronzer. The highlighter is very shimmery and rather chalky. I used the powder on the tops of my cheeks and cupids bow and found that there was a lot of fallout and things got a little messy. There also wasn’t a lot of colour payoff when applied to my pale skin, I had to slowly build up the shade, which left me looking glittery rather than glowing. I used the bronzer on the hollows of my cheeks and was really impressed with the pigmentation. It gives me a more defined but natural looking contour. The shade was perfect for me but might be a little too light for darker skin tones.

Beauty | Collection Highlight & Sculpt Contour Kit

As with the Speedy Highlighter, this is a nice product but very ‘middle of the road’. It retails for only £3.99 but I would recommend purchasing the Seventeen Define and Conquer Kit instead as it gives a far more natural finish and more even coverage, plus it’s only an extra £2. The powders are less shiny, with superior colour payoff and are less chalky and irritating to the skin. 

Beauty | Collection Highlight & Sculpt Contour Kit

I will definitely use the darker bronze shade again but I’m not very impressed with what the highlighting shade brings to the table. I would much prefer to use either my Ere Perez Versatile Vanilla Highlighter or my Mary Lou Manizer from The Balm. Another underwhelming product from Collection, let’s hope my Eyes Uncovered Palette in Nude Rose isn’t strike number three for the brand.

Have you tried the Collection Highlight & Sculpt Contour Kit?

What are your thoughts?

What are your favourite contouring products?