Little Ondine Natural Vegan Nail Polish Review

Little Ondine is a collection of cruelty-free, innovative natural nail polishes composed of just three non-toxic ingredients: natural resin, organic colourants and water. They are remover free, easy to peel off, odour-free, quick drying and available in over 80 beautiful shades. After discovering so many amazing brands during my Natural Beauty Week including Bee Good, Pure Chimp and Green People, I was really looking forward to trying the Little Ondine collection, especially when I found out the colour could be simply peeled-off! I picked up the shade ‘Pretty in Pink’ (£9.20/10.5 ml) with free delivery from organic online retailer Love Lula.

Beauty | Little Ondine Natural Nail Polish

Pretty in Pink is salmon pink shade with a subtle shimmering finish. Applying the natural nail polish is pretty much the same as any other polish except for a few simple steps. It is important to ensure that your nails are clean and dry so that excess oil is reduced and the product gets a better grip of the nail’s surface.

Beauty | Little Ondine Natural Nail Polish

During application, I noticed the polish was slightly more ‘gloopy’ than normal nail varnishes but without the strong toxic scent. I applied three layers and avoided getting them wet for the first hour to avoid the edges from lifting. I didn’t use a base or top coat as I thought mixing this natural polish with other brands would be rather pointless! The Little Ondine Secret is also available to give a better bonding result and glossy top coat finish.

Little Ondine

Three coats gives a lovely even and smooth finish. Although the formula is thicker than normal I love how convenient it is to simply peel off the colour without any damage to the nail below. Little Ondine claim their nail polishes give up to a week of colour but I found I had to reapply the polish almost nightly, which became frustrating. Considering the price I find it’s lack of staying powder very disappointing and sadly I will not be repurchasing this product because of this.

Beauty | Little Ondine Natural Nail Polish

I really wanted to fall in love with this collection as I love the concept behind it, there is no need for toxic and corrosive removers that can damage the nails and the odour-free formula makes it easy to apply when on the go. Unfortunately, I just can’t justify paying over £9 for one bottle of nail polish with such little-staying power. I found myself picking at loose edges all day.

The Little Ondine collection is available in organic & natural beauty retailers such as Cute Cosmetics and Love Lula.