Lush Therapy Massage Bar Review

Therapy is the first Lush massage bar I have ever purchased, it was recommended to me as it’s cocoa butter base and “elasticity-building power of neroli essential oil” is said to help improve the appearance of stretchmarks. The 100% organic and, of course, cruelty-free bar is made from natural butters and oils which melt upon contact with the skin. 

Beauty | Lush Therapy Massage Bar

The bar contains a blend of fair trade cocoa butter, shea butter, sweet orange oil, lavender oil and neroli oil. It is incredible how easily the bar glides onto skin with minimal effort, melting with your body’s temperature almost immediately. The bar leaves my skin beautifully soft and the combination of essential oils is both calming and lifting. I think the bar primarily smells of lavender but others claim it reminds them of a chocolate orange; I’ll let you be the judge. I love using this product over my bump, bust and thighs and while I haven’t noticed any considerable improvement to the appearance of my stretchmarks it does nourish and moisturise the skin helping to soothe that itchy tight feeling as my skin stretches. It is also just heavenly to be pampered with a massage from this beautifully scented product.

The Therapy Massage bar (£6.50/50g) is available now at