Pregnancy | Christmas Baby Announcement

Hi everyone, I hope you had a lovely Christmas and were utterly spoiled by the big guy. My obligatory ‘What I got for Christmas’ post is waiting on just a few seconds of natural light to take a few decent snaps of my festive haul. The last few days have been such a whirlwind (I’m not even sure what day it is) and I’ve barely had time to play around with a my beautiful beauty gifts, which include not one but two Urban Decay palettes; the stunning Gwen Stefani collaboration and the seductive Smokey palette.

As you may have seen on Twitter I had some pretty big news to share among all this craziness of the festive season – we’re having a baby! It’s such an exciting/wonderful/nauseous time right now and I’m so relieved we can finally share our news. Keeping it a secret for three whole months has been unbearable, but the thought of giving our families the most amazing surprise on Christmas day was just too good an opportunity to miss! 

We spent all Christmas Eve hiding the never-ending carousel of booze that was repeatedly poured into my glass (poor Ross drank most of mine and was pretty hungover the day after) and on the day we patiently sat as everyone opened their gifts, so at the end we could bring out a carefully wrapped box full of nothing but shredded tissue paper and our scan photo; the last gift of Christmas. Mum’s were sobbing, toasts were made and joyful hugs were given in copious amounts. It was an emotional and lovely day.


2015 was such a huge year for me as it was the year I married my best friend. I never imagined 2016 would top that! Next Christmas, I’ll have a 6-month-old! How crazy and wonderful is that? I can’t believe how fast everything is changing. I can’t believe I have a tiny little person growing inside me! I still keep staring at my scan photo in amazement that this is actually happening.