Natural Beauty Week | Pure Chimp Super Tea

What’s the phrase ‘beauty begins on the inside’? Today I’m taking a little breather from makeup and skincare reviews to look at a natural lifestyle brand. Pure Chimp was founded in 2013 and are based in Cambridgeshire. They are the home to the 100% natural and vegan approved, Super Matcha Green Tea* (£11.95/50g). This best-selling little jar contains pure ceremonial grade matcha green tea powder from Japan. It has a shelf life of 18 months once opened and 5% of the profits go to charity. The price may seem a little steep, however, you only use half a teaspoon to make the tea, which works out to only 24p a cup!

The Matcha Green Tea contains 137x more antioxidants than regular tea and is said to boost your metabolism, ‘improve our skin from within’, increase energy levels, aid weight loss and even contain ‘anti-aging properties’.  

A shot of the gorgeous emerald powder can be added to juice or water, added to your smoothie or (my personal favourite) added to hot water and honey. It doesn’t actually taste that much different from regular tea so I’m not to sure why a lot of people turn their nose up at just the thought of green tea. I have a sweet tooth so adding a little honey is a must for me. I’ve been trying to swap snacking for drinking a warm mug of green tea and it seems to be doing the trick. There’s something rather cleansing and detoxifying about green tea. It’s nice to actually put something in my body that isn’t processed and artificial. I’ve also noticed a definite increase in my energy levels recently and I think this little jar of goodness is the reason why.

As well as the Super Matcha Tea, Pure Chimp also has a range of natural skincare which includes a face cream, cleanser, soap and facial oil. Plus, they have also just realised a lemon version off their best-selling tea if you’re looking for something with a little more zing.

Check out the 100% natural Pure chimp range here.

They offer free UK delivery and international delivery is just £1.95.