Natural Beauty Week | Green People Quinoa Hair Care

The Beautiful Bluebird Natural Beauty Week

Many of you already know that I’m an animal lover and a vegetarian. What you may not know is that I am also trying for a baby. I think it’s a combination of these factors that has recently made me a lot more conscious of what synthetic ingredients and chemicals I use on my body. I am also a lot more concerned about the detrimental effects my choice of skincare and cosmetic brands may be having on the planet and our furry friends. Now let me be clear; I am in no way an expert on ‘natural beauty’. It’s only recently I have started to research into it’s benefits and origins. It is however an area of the beauty industry that fascinates me and one I truly want to start to embrace into my day to day life. It’s rather ironic that after years of agonising and analyzing what is in my food that I have actually become totally desensitised and oblivious to what beauty products I have been using on my body. So, with this being said, I am dedicating a whole week on The Beautiful Bluebird to my journey into the world of natural beauty and today we start with a highly regarded, popular organic lifestyle brand: Green People.

Green People specialise in creating high-quality beauty products with formulations for all skin types, based on organic plant extracts and other natural ingredients. They are one of the leading names in organic beauty in the UK and their extensive range contains a number of products including; cosmetics, sun care, toothpaste, shower gels, deodorants, serums and face masks. The new Quinoa hair care range features a shampoo*, conditioner* and styling gel* infused with natural Quinoa protein that promises to give up to 50% more shine.

Natural Beauty Week | The Green People Quinoa Hair Care

After my previous 3 week trial of the Nanokeratin System Colour Preserving Mask I was excited to see how this would compare. Can I just add that unless stated otherwise I trial all beauty treatments for at least three weeks to test properly for any reactions. This time frame is not always reflected in how I publish my reviews but if you have any questions please feel free to contact me. 

Natural Beauty Week | The Green People Quinoa Hair Care

First of although I love the simplicity of the packaging, it can be a little difficult to differentiate between the three when I’m in a rush in the morning. All the products have a fresh almost fruity scent to them which lingers on the hair from the very first use. Both the conditioner and shampoo are made without SLS/SLES (harsh chemicals related to skin irritations), gluten, alcohol, parabens and artificial fragrances. My hair is thick and prone to frizz but their natural formulas were incredibly lightweight and didn’t leave my hair feeling heavy or leave any residue. My frizz prone hair was slightly more manageable but the most noticeable difference was the shine. If your hair is looking particularly dull and lifeless these might be the products for you. 

Now, styling gel isn’t a product I usually purchase, as I’ve always thought it was aimed for people with short or fine hair. I was surprised to learn that this gel actually acts as a leave-in conditioner that gives a light hold, perfect for giving your hair body and controlling those pesky flyaway hairs. It isn’t sticky and doesn’t give that Ross Geller wet look appearance. It’s rich in natural proteins and vitamins and, as with the shampoo and conditioner, is vegan approved, fairly traded and gentle enough for sensitive skin and eczema & psoriasis sufferers.

All three products are available at Naturisimo, an online store that specialises in natural beauty and wellbeing. Naturisimo is a great starting point for anyone interested in discovering premium natural beauty brands that are free from toxins and questionable ingredients, plus they provide free worldwide delivery! 

Don’t forget to check out tomorrow’s post featuring Balance Me; a natural skincare range blended with pure essential oils.

*This is a collaborative post but all opinions and views are 100% honest & all my own.