Wedding | Goodbye Miss… Hello Mrs!

Today I’m sharing with you another very special gift that my lovely bridesmaids gave to me on the night before my wedding. Filled with memories, photos and messages; this book is something that I’ll keep forever! It includes all my quiz answers (we had a ‘Name the Chick Flick’, which I won obviously, and ‘How well do you know your fiance?’ quiz), photos from the ‘Make your own wedding dress out of toilet paper’ competition, beautiful messages from all my hens, embarrassing childhood anecdotes and our dress-up photo booth pics.

It still feels weird being referred to as ‘Mrs Watt’…

This is the perfect keepsake for any bride! The personalised ‘Hen Party’ stickers also decorated shot glasses that were in our goody bags along with tiaras, sashes, ‘I do’ diamante stickers, L-plated drinking straws and sweeties!
This message from my Nan started the never-ending flood of tears the night before my wedding.

Because every hen party needs a DIY photo booth and pink feather boas!

Photos of me and my oldest & best friend. Loving the hand knitted waistcoat Ash!

The night finished like every night out with the girls should – passed out in a taxi after a cheeky McDonalds at 4am.

This is just one of the beautiful gifts I received along with a pink ‘Bride’ dressing gown, lucky sixpence, Yankee wedding candle and my ‘Kiss the Miss Goodbye’ photo frame, which you can read all about here. It’s the little details like this that made my hen night so special. My bridesmaids went to so much trouble to make sure I felt special and pampered – they even gave me a bell that I could ring every time I needed another glass of bubbly, it’s safe to say I rang this a lot! So I just want to take a moment to say thank you to my three beautiful bridesmaids and all the effort they went to make sure I had an unforgettable evening! I couldn’t have chosen three more gorgeous, thoughtful and supportive ladies if I tried. Thank you for being part of my special day!