The Lush French Kiss Bubble Bar Review

There’s nothing I love more than having the house to myself and being able to soak in a bath for a good hour without any interruptions. I recently treated myself to two bubble bars The Comforter and the French Kiss from Lush, plus another 240g pot of my favourite body lotion Charity Pot and also a travel sized mini to pop in my handbag and use on the go.

The Lush French Kiss Bubble Bar Review

I was immediately drawn to French Kisses lavender scent, it’s cloud-like purple swirls and the stem of fresh lavender poking through the top. I simply crumbled the bar under running water and watched the bubbles form and the water turn a pale lilac. I found the herbal scent of lavender, thyme and rosemary comforting and calming, perfect for using just before bedtime to help unwind after a particularly stressful day. 

The combination of extra virgin coconut oils gently coated my skin as soon as it touched the water. The essential oils made my skin feel soft and smooth but left no residue or greasy texture. The bubble bar is big enough to use in several baths and, as with all Lush products, is completely cruelty-free, contains natural ingredients and is vegan-friendly. I recommend French Kiss to anyone needing help with drifting off at night or who struggles to unwind. 

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