Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Blemish Stick Review

Unfortunately thirteen year old me and twenty-six year old me are still battling the same problem – spots! For some, including myself, blemishes can be something that we just don’t grow out of. Before the wedding last week I was on high alert for a breakout disaster and, as if on cue, my troublesome skin didn’t disappoint. It’s a good job I was lucky enough to have the Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Blemish Stick* at hand.

Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Blemish Stick Review

The Australian Bodycare Collection was not a range I was familiar with before their blemish stick was sent to me, it’s only recently, now that I’m more aware of the brand, that I’ve noticed it stocked in a number of different spas and beauty salons. The ready-to-use antiseptic roller-ball stick contains a Tea Tree Oil and Witch-hazel based formula that is designed to reduce breakout causing bacteria and diminish redness. 

Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Blemish Stick Review

A week ago I popped the roller-ball directly onto the spot on my chin. The formula instantly soothed the area, cooling the itchy, sore feeling caused by the blemish. I was really impressed with how quickly the formula went to work. When I woke up the following morning the sore, puffy, red area around the spot had calmed considerably. A few days later the spot had begun to repair itself and the affected area had started to heal considerably faster than my usual breakouts prior to using the treatment. 

Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Blemish Stick Review

Now for the science-y bit: the formula contains emulsifiers that react with bacteria on the skin, such as Polyglyceryl-3-Caprylate and Caprylyl Glycol. Other ingredients include Panthenol which aids healing, Hamamelis Virginiana Water, which calms and reduces inflammation, and Allantoin that soothes and repairs the skin. To be honest that doesn’t really mean all that much to me, what does mean a lot is the results! The blemish stick helped reduced the redness and swelling of my spots overnight, and also helped to heal them considerably faster than before the treatment. This little blemish stick is a great product to pop in my handbag and use on-the-go in a ‘blemish emergency’. I was really impressed with how quickly it cooled the area and worked to soothe and treat my spots.

The Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Blemish Stick (10ml) is available at here and retails for just £5.10.

Have you tried the Australian Bodycare collection?

What are your go-to breakout treatments?

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