Wedding | Goodbye Miss Ferguson, Hello Mrs Watt!

I don’t know if many of you noticed but last week for the first time in months I didn’t follow my usual blogging schedule. I honestly felt really bad about not posting last week, sorry guys! I always try to be a good beauty blogger and post 3 times a week, reply to comments and participate in Twitter chat but recently that’s all came to a screeching halt. I usually have a whole range of scheduled posts to fall back on, but with dress fittings, appointments, wedding planning, thank you card writing, hen parties, table plan making, playlist creating, visiting family and all sorts of unforeseen wedding related commitments, these were all very quickly used up weeks ago! So please bear with me, I seriously underestimated the amount of stress and time that went into a wedding and because of this my blog has had to take a little bit of a back seat. This however, won’t be for long as, after years of planning, tomorrow I’m finally getting married! Eeek!

How do I feel? Hmm, I’m not to sure. I guess nervous, but excited and anxious, but happy. My stress levels, as expected, are through the roof. I’m positive something is going to go wrong. What if the humanist loses my vows? What if I trip over my dress? What if I cry so hard my makeup runs off and I have to walk down the aisle with a puffy face and two giant panda eyes? What if nobody dances? What if the speeches go terribly wrong? The list goes on and on! I’m a worrier by nature so I knew I was never going to get a minute of sleep tonight. I know in my heart it’ll all be worth it though. This time tomorrow i’ll be on my way to marrying my best friend. I guess that puts it all into perspective. Who cares if the bows on the wedding favours aren’t perfect? Who cares if it’s slightly drizzly outside? And that’s starting to look more and more likely, thanks Scotland. Who cares if my mascara runs? All these tiny little problems are kind of laughable when I think about it. I’ll be there, Ross will be there and we’ll be a family, that’s all that matters. I know how incredibly lucky I am, I’m not about to let my anxiety take a moment of happiness away from me. As I finish applying my second coat of Essie Mademoiselle, finish my glass of pink bubbly and put on my ‘team bride’ polka dot PJs I’ll sign off for now. And this is the last time I’ll do so as Roxie Ferguson – wish me luck!