Watching My First Ever Zoella Video

To be completely honest with you, when I first started blogging, just a year ago, I had no idea who the likes of Zoella, Tanya Burr and Fleur de Force were. I wasn’t even completely 100% on what a Vlogger was. The first You Tuber I fell in love with was Em from My Pale Skin, and that wasn’t all that long ago. You NEED to check out her channel immediately if you haven’t already. I started blogging in April 2014, just a few posts here and there about thrift shopping and a few baking recipes, it wasn’t until I started blogging about beauty that I became obsessed. I’ve never been an ambitious or career-driven person, I’ve never really had a job that excites me to get out of bed in the morning, blogging changed all that. I’ve never been so passionate, driven or excited by a ‘hobby’ than I have blogging. I use the term hobby very loosely as most of the majority of the time it’s bloody hard work. The dream would be to blog full-time, although I realise this is all it is, a dream – maybe one day? I honestly believe that blogging has made me a more confident, happy person.

Anyway back to Zoella. So, I actually only found out who Zoella was when I joined the world of Twitter. Her name was whispered often in beauty chats like she was some kind of urban legend. Then her beauty collection for Superdrug was released and my timeline exploded! I did a little research, checked out her blog and bought her products – she was quickly becoming my inspiration without even watching a single one of her videos! Last night, I thought enough is enough, I need to find out how this girl does it; 270K bloglovin fans, 3.3 Twitter followers and over 8M subscribers? What is it about this girl that it so special…

This was the first video I watched (one of about 20). First of all I was really taken back with how down-to-earth she is. It’s like she said in her video, it feels like we’re just two girls sitting, having a cuppa and casually discussing beauty tips. I often feel that some Vloggers have this kind of wall between them, the camera and the viewer, like they’re a robot just trying to get it over with. Zoella on the other hand is such a natural. She reminds me of a mixture between Miranda and Jess from New Girl – the term ‘adorkable’ suits her perfectly. And wow, beauty brands must love her! I was literally making a shopping list in my head of everything I need to get my hands on. I’m starting to understand the whole teenage, fan girl following she has now, sixteen year old me would have loved to be her best friend and rifle through her makeup collection… who am I kidding, 25 year old me totally does too. I would love to see her in a strop though, she seems so ridiculously happy and positive all the time. I also read her post on anxiety which I thought was written rather beautifully. I wasn’t surprised to read this as it seems a lot of bloggers have issue with anxiety – why do you think that is? I guess that’s a whole different post!

So, yeah, I totally get the whole hype surrounding around Zoella now, and Sprinkle of Glitter and Fleur de Force… watching You Tube videos has now become an even bigger obsession than my infamous Pinterest addiction! I’d love if you could point me into the direction of some of your favourites too. Who do I need to be watching? Please leave all your suggestions below. I’d also love to know what you think of Zoella – entrepreneurial genius or a bit over hyped? (Ooo I felt like such a mean girl just typing that!). My opinion – this lovely lady is an amazing role model for young girls and, love her or loathe her, you can’t deny she has done wonders for the Vlogger and beauty blogger industry. I think she’s rather inspiring…