Music | May’s Spotify Playlist

So I listen to music everyday, it’s very rare to see me out and about without my headphones in, even if it’s just to avoid awkward social situations on the bus to work! I don’t listen to one style of music, I like to mix it up a bit, as you can probably tell from my playlist below! I thought I’d share with you a collection of songs that I’ve really been loving recently that include the blissful Angels by The XX, Mariella by Kate Nash (who I have recently rekindled my love for from my high school days) and Collide by Howie Day, the acoustic version of this song is what I will be walking down the aisle to in 2 months time! 

1. Angels by The XX
“Light reflects from your shadow / It is more than I thought could exist / You move through the room / Like breathing was easy / If someone believed me”

2. The One That Got Away by Katy Perry
“In another life / I would be your girl / We’d keep all our promises / Be us against the world”

3. Candy by Paolo Nutini
“Darling, I’ll bathe your skin / I’ll even wash your clothes / Just give me some candy before I go”

4. Hoppipolla by Sigur Ros

5. Mariella by Kate Nash
“She marched to her wardrobe / And threw away the colour / Because wearing black looks mysterious / But it didn’t impress her mother”

6. Show Me What Your Looking For by Carolina Liar 
“I’ve wanted this far too long / Mistakes become regrets / I’ve learned to love abuse / Please show me what I’m looking for”

7. Secrets by One Republic
“I need another story / Something to get off my chest / My life gets kinda boring / Need something that I can confess”

8. Collide by Howie Day
“Even the best fall down sometimes / Even the wrong word seem to rhyme / Out of the doubt that fills my mind / I somehow find / You and I collide”

9. Best of You by Foo Fighters
“Are you gone and onto someone new? / I needed somewhere to hang my head / Without your noose”

10. The Only Exception by Paramore
“And my momma sore ? That she would never let herself forget / And that was the day that I promised / I’d never sing of love if it does not exist”

11. Work by Iggy Azalea
“No money, no family, sixteen in the middle of Miami”

12. Someone New by Hozier
“There’s an  art to life’s distractions / To someone escape the burning weight / the art of scraping through / Some like to imagine / The dark caress of someone else / I guess any thrill will do”

13. Pray to God by Calvin Harris & Haim
“Oh, when the moon was shining bright before morning / I made a deal with the start to keep holding”

14. Panic Station by Muse
“Doubts will try to break you / Unleash your heart and soul / Trouble will surround you / Start taking some control”

15. Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division 
“You cry out  in your sleep / All my failings exposed / And there’s a taste in my mouth / As desperation takes hold”

16. Dogs Days Are Over by Florence & the Machine
“happiness hit her like a train on a track ? Coming towards her struck still no turning back / She hid around corners and she hid under beds / She killed it with kisses and from it she fled”

17. Creepin Up Th Backstairs by The Fratellis
“When you’re creepin’ up the backstairs mothers nightmares / Falling in the front door / My my / Climbing in the window, get dressed, lets go / Take your brothers car keys/ Bye bye!”

18. It’s Not Over Yet by The Klaxons
“I live for you, I die for you / Do what you want me to / I cry for you, my tears will show / That I can’t let you go”

19. Wild Young Hearts by Noisettes
“And while the city sleeps / I won’t weep because I didn’t keep / My boyfriend and the summer’s end is here again / And the leaves are golden / Under the grand silver birch tree”

What songs have you been listening to recently? I’d love some recommendations as I have a bad habit of listening to the same song over and over again until I get bored of it. What do you think of my choices? Leave me a comment below and please follow me on bloglovin if you like my blog!