Beauty | W7 Sheer Loose Powder & Naked Nudes

So I used to be a bit of a makeup snob, believing that for superior quality you must be prepared to spend big. Sometimes this rule applies, however brands like Makeup Revolution and MUA have since converted me into a total budget beauty hoarder (see my Pampering for a Pound series for proof). This being said I still have a list of budget beauty ranges that you may be surprised to read I have never tried before. This list includes; Sleek, Essence, Beauty UK, KIKO, GOSH and W7. Can you recommend any others? 

I just happened to be in HomeBargains when I stumbled upon the W7 range. There range was limited but I picked up the Naked Nudes Eyeshadow Palette (why does every palette seem to include the word ‘Naked’ in it’s title?) and the Sheer Loose Powder in Ivory both for only £1.99 each.

My first impressions were hopeful; I loved the combination of shades, the packaging is actually more sturdy than my Collection palette which was positive, there was minimal fall out and, of course, the fact that it only cost me £1.99 did not go unappreciated! But I’m afraid that’s were the positives end. The whole ‘Naked’ label is clearly a pop at Urban Decay, but unfortunately they really don’t have anything to worry about here. The pigmentation of the shadows is very poor. I really struggled to build up any sort of colour and I can’t see myself using this product again as a result which is a bit of a shame. Considering this is priced £5.95 on the official W7 website, this is a very disappointing product. As you may have read previously, I was really impressed with the Collection Eyes Uncovered Palette in Nude (£3.99) and I believe this would be a great alternative. let’s move on to the Sheer Loose Powder…

The power is a lot lighter than the photo gives it credit when applied. It blends in easily with my Real Techniques powder blush and leaves little mess. The powder comes in four shades and retails on the official W7 website for £3.95. I felt that this product was also a little underwhelming. I didn’t see any noticeable difference once I applied it. If anything it felt really drying and dare I say it, cheap (there’s that snobby side I was telling you about!). I’m a bit disappointed with these two buys, I won’t write W7 off just yet though, I’d like to try other products in the range first. Again any recommendations?

What do you think of the W7 range? Have you tried these two products? Do you have any other budget beauty brands you think I should try?