Skincare | Cougar Beauty Wild Caviar Facial Serum

Recently I was sent the Wild Caviar Facial Serum* from Cougar Beauty. Cougar by Paula Dunne is an international brand which manufacture high quality beauty products in the UK including teeth whitening, tanning, cosmetics, hair care and body care products. I was chuffed to bits to receive the Wild Caviar Facial Serum as I believe using a facial serum is a necessity in any effective daily skincare routine. They create a barrier to help protect the skin from the surrounding environment, stimulate cell regeneration and protect skin from the visible signs of aging. Serums are made of very small molecules, therefore the skin absorbs them much faster and deeper than an ordinary moisturiser. In my opinion you’re never too young to start thinking about the visible signs of aging – I’m all about taking a pro-active approach with my skincare regime. 

‘Wild Caviar’ gives the impression of luxury, extravagance and wealth, in fact caviar itself is refer to as ‘black gold’. The Caviar collection consists of a cleanser and toner, day cream, night cream, facial serum, facial mask and a hair treatment. Each product contains a luxurious blend of complex Wild Caviar enriched with vitamins (A, D, B1, B2 & B6 in case you were wondering), Amino Acids, nourishing seaweed and carefully extracted elements of Fish Roe to stimulate cell metabolism. The combination of these three marine components aim to provide intense skin nutrition and nourishment. 

The transparent fluid is very lightweight and is delicately scented with a pleasant and subtle fragrance. I was really impressed with how easily the serum sank into my skin with minimal effort and leaving no leftover residue. I applied the serum every morning and evening to cleansed skin, using warm water to open up my pores and then leaving the serum for a few minutes to ensure it penetrated the skin fully before continuing with other products. This product is great value for money if you consider that I only ever use the tiniest amount (one pump) per use, as this is all that is needed to fully cover my neck and face. After application my skin feels baby soft, smooth and hydrated, not tight and thirsty like similar products I’ve tried in the past. My skin looks more radiant, firmer and brighter after regular use and I think I’m starting to notice a visible difference to the fine lines on my forehead – although I’ll keep you updated on this! This serum has left my sensitive skin looking more youthful and feeling softer than ever whilst ensuring is has stayed hydrated through the cold, bitter months. Of course maximum effects can be obtained from using the serum in conjunction with the other products in the Wild Caviar collection which can be found here.

The Wild Caviar Facial Serum from Cougar Beauty retails for £49.99 and is available at their online store –