Lifestyle | Charity Shop Jewellery Haul

I thought I’d share with you my recent jewellery shopping haul from one of my favourite charity shops, CHAS (Duloch, Dunfermline). I’ve spoken previously about my love for all things second hand and thrifty, the photos below are the reason why. In one visit I snapped up five wonderfully kitsch necklaces and a funky desert-inspired ring. Charity shops really are a great place to go if like me your tired of the same old trends being rehashed throughout fashion chains and bored of the same generic store layout and tat. 

I admit in the past, as soon as I walked into a charity shop, I headed straight for the bric-a-brac; usually in search of tea sets, vases, ceramics and home ware. I’ve only very recently started to look for clothes and accessories. There’s nothing more I used to hate than the long process of searching through over crammed, mismatched, randomly sized rails. However, on a shopping trip to Edinburgh I had an epiphany. I took the time to rake through baskets of scarves, delve into a mountain of handbags and tackle those pesky muddled up clothes rails and started to find some really cute little finds to suit my (very tiny) budget. 

My favourite piece is the little sewing machine, I’m still not sure if I like the octopus but he’s starting to grow on me. The afternoon tea ring is adjustable and pretty adorable, and I love the detail on the telephone charm. Which one’s your favourite? What’s your opinion on charity shops? Love them, or loathe them?