Beauty | The Original Beauty Blender

Four months ago I received The Original Beauty Blender (RRP £16) and the Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser in the September ‘Happy Days’ edition of Birchbox. I have never used a sponge to apply my foundation before, I just applied it with my fingers and this seemed to do the job fine enough. I also have the Real Techniques Foundation Brush that I was given as a birthday gift that I have yet to try, it will be interesting to see how this compares, but for now lets get back to this little pink egg shaped sponge. 

Invented by Hollywood makeup artists Ann Silva and Veronica Lorenz, the patent-pending egg shape is designed to help tackle hard to reach areas and achieve a professional and flawless finish. The sponge has an almost suede texture to it’s surface, is latex and odour free, non-disposable and comes in 3 versions; original, pure and pro. The beauty blender came with no instructions so I initially used it like I would any other makeup sponge, and it worked well. It wasn’t until I visited the official Beauty Blender website to make sure I was using it to it’s full potential that I noticed there are apparently three key steps you need to follow in order to use it correctly – wet, squeeze and bounce.

Beauty | The Original Beauty Blender

Step 1 – Wet the Beauty Blender with water which will cause it to expand.

Step 2 – Squeeze out excess water or use a towel.

Step 3 – Bounce makeup and skincare across the face.

Beauty | The Original Beauty Blender

At first it felt a little strange using a slightly damp sponge to apply my foundation but after I got over this sensation I was really impressed with the results. The super soft ‘point’ of the egg made blending effortless in the contours of my face, the spherical shape prevented streaks and lines forming, plus my foundation sat on it’s surface rather than dissolving into the sponge therefore eliminating any waste. The sponge air dries quickly and comes with a Solid Beauty Blender Cleanser to clean the sponge which can also be used to clean you makeup brushes too. 

Beauty | The Original Beauty Blender

I’m in love with my Beauty Blender and now use it to apply most of my complexion products. It gives an undeniable flawless, air brushed finish and is perfect for covering blemishes and hard to reach places. There are a few copycats on the market such as the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (£5.99) that I’ve yet to try but for now I’ll be sticking with the original.

Have you tried the Original Beauty Blender?

What makeup tool do you swear by?

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