Lifestyle | Turning 26…

Today’s my birthday and even though I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions, every January 31st I get thinking about what I want to achieve and who I want to be for the rest of the year. It’s usually nothing too drastic or life changing, although I’m very aware that this year not only will I be closer to 30 than 20 but I will also have a whole new surname by the time the years over; I’m not worried or panicked by this… but I’m very, very aware. So what will Roxie (aged 26) be like…

She will be the type of person that takes all her makeup off religiously every night, sticking with a carefully selected skincare routine and never dream of waking up with panda eyes. She will not be so easily swayed or hop from one skincare brand to the next, never fully benefiting from the long term effects of any one product. She will have perfect skin that glows, almost reminiscent of Kate Moss in the 90’s. 

She will wear clothes that are not colour faded or shrunk, because 26 year old Roxie would never obliviously stick clothes in the washing machine and hope for the best, but actually read cleaning labels like a grownup, and perhaps even wear an outfit not entirely covered in dog hair.

She will stop spending her money on mountains of ‘budget’ beauty items but save her pennies to purchase more high-end lust worthy items – hello there Miss Charlotte Tillbury…

She will never hide behind her anxiety, instead she will take a deep breathe, assess the situation and not let her insecurities control her. She will say “Yes!” more and seize opportunities instead of over thinking things and agonising. 

She will actually clean her makeup brushes, throw away 2 year old mascaras (I know, ew), never leave the house with sad chipped little finger nails and not buy new makeup products simply because the packaging “was really cute!”. 

She will be the type of blogger that stick to her schedules, who plans, who takes such amazing photos no one would guess she uses a camera phone. She would never dream of having an absolute mental breakdown if she loses a bloglovin follower.

And finally she will not sob at the sight of the beautiful, talented and goddess-like Taylor Swift, also born in 1989, and think “OMG! I HAVE ACHIEVED NOTHING COMPARED TO HER!!” but be gracious and celebrate the achievements of other women… not reach for the wine and Milk Tray.

Okay, so these maybe a tad ambitious but 2015 will be the year I marry my best friend and deep down that’s all I really care about. I supposed though if I also owned a few Charlotte Tillbury palettes, well that would just make being 26 that extra little bit more awesome.