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Wow, I can’t believe 2014 is already over! I’m sure you spent New Years Eve at some glamorous party, downing champagne and trotting back home at 3am, but I however spent it washing makeup brushes, cleaning out my wardrobe and filling my beautiful new dressing table with all my favourite beauty products – I am so rock and roll! A blusher that decided to explode all over my make-up box encouraged me to have a massive clear out of old mascaras, lumpy nail polishes and shattered eye shadows – guess that means I’ll have to go on a makeup haul with my Christmas money then, oh well! Throwing out some disappointing products and makeup way past it’s sell by date got me thinking about my favourite products of last year and I thought I’d share them with you to see whether you agree or not…

Clinque’s Stay-Matte Oil-Free Makeup

By far my favourite foundation of 2014. It’s very unusual that I stick to one foundation all year long but the ‘gel/cream’ formula of stay-matte is so lightweight, it barely feels like i’m wearing anything at all. It controls oil by absorbing any nasty shine caused by heat or humidity throughout the day and gives a lovely matte finish that is very long lasting and helped my skin to look flawless all year round.

Lush’s Butterbear Bath Bomb

This little guy was my favourite product from Lush’s gorgeous Christmas collection this year, with Snow Fairy being a close second. It’s a festive take on the cult classic ‘Butterball’ – a beautiful bath bomb that left my skin silky smooth and pampered all for only £1.95. The bath bomb is rich in cocoa butter which creates a creamy soft bath which nourishes and protects skin whilst filling your bathroom with a sweet musky vanilla fragrance. It’s safe to say I’ve been through a lot of these cute little bears over the past couple of months!

The POREfessional

My favourite primer of 2014, with Photo Finish by Smashbox coming a very close second. The lightweight balm feels like silk when applied. You simply pat the balm gently over troublesome areas (I pay particular attention to my chin and nose) with your fingertips. It really helps my skin to look smooth, even out my skin tone and reduce the appearance of pores on my nose, it also helps my make-up to stay put during the day. A brilliant multipurpose product that can be worn instead of, over and under make-up and apparently it’s oil-free formula compliments all skin tones – pricey but highly recommended!

Makeup Revolution Eye Palette in Romantic Smoked

With a price tag of £4 this pallet is perfect for experimenting and having fun with without feeling guilty like I would with the Naked palettes! The colour combinations go beautifully together, the shadows are highly pigmented and incredibly easy to blend too. The accompanying sponge applicator isn’t the best tool for an even coverage however this can be overlooked considering it’s price. A lovely collection of purple, plum and neutral shades. Makeup Revolution is by far my favourite brand of 2014. I’m so impressed with all the products I’ve bought from them so far, they’ve all been such amazing quality with such a little price tag.

Nivea Lip Butter in Vanilla & Macadamia Nut

I’m so impressed by Nivea’s new collection of lip butters. This vanilla & macadamia nut version has been in my trusty handbag all winter and is my new secret weapon for ensuring my lips stay hydrated, soft and kissable all through the colder months. The butters come in original, blueberry blush, raspberry rose, and caramel cream and are priced at around £2.


My favourite concealer of 2014 (actually every year for the last three years) Benefit’s – industrial strength concealer, Boi-ing. I used to get spots a lot as a teenager and I’ve been left with little red blemishes and discolouration on my chin and around my nose as a result. This concealer helps to hide this along with dark circles and any other flaws without fading – it’s very long lasting! I use this product everyday in ‘Light – 01’ along with POREfessional for smooth blemish free skin. If I could only ever use one beauty product it would be this little tub, it’s my saviour and beauty must have, I’m never without it!

E.L.F. Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliners are not always my friend, I often end up getting in an awful mess or just plain stab myself in the eye with them. This liner however has a fine-tipped brush that seemed to glide on smoothly and easily. The effect was long lasting and didn’t smudge throughout the day. I also found it easy to create both a natural day and dramatic nighttime look. For £1.95 this was a great bargain and one of my best buys of the year!

Bourjois 1 Seconde Volume Mascara

I really can’t recommend this mascara highly enough. The huge brush with unique spherical bristles that wrap around every last creates beautiful high-impact long-lasting volume with only a couple of strokes. It’s easy to remove and apply, and it really does  create a dramatic, clump free look within seconds.

What are your favourite beauty products of 2014? 

I’d love to hear all about them!

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