Beauty | Christmas at Lush – Penguins & Melting Snowmen

Now, I know I said that my Christmas posts wouldn’t start till December 1st but I just had to write a review about these gorgeous little guys while their festive smells and textures are still fresh in my memory. Baths, in my opinion, are the ultimate way to indulge and to relieve yourself from all the aches and pains that come after a long stressful day. I simply can’t walk past Lush Edinburgh without treating myself to either a Big Blue bath ballistic (try saying that 10x fast) or my favourite, their indulgent Butterball. I’ve already written a post about my love for Lush at Christmas time, well at anytime, and a review of their lovely Snow Fairy shower gel and Butterbear bath bomb which you can read here. This week I thought I’d try the Christmas Penguin bubble bar and Melting Snowman bath melt.

First of all the Melting Snowman (£2.25). I’m afraid I think I chose the most evil looking snowman in the whole of Lush. I didn’t even notice mine was noseless until I got home! If you think he looks angry now you should have seen him when he was half disintegrated in my bathtub and his head was bobbling along the surface of the water! Anyway, looks aside, this little guy, once melted completely, captured exactly what Christmas smells to me; cinnamon, sweet orange oil and clove leaf oil. It was the clove that stumped me at first, as I couldn’t quite put my finger on that secret spice that reminded me of childhood Christmas’s. I remember piercing oranges with the cloves and hanging them on the tree with my mum as a little girl. The combination of cocoa butter, almond oil and shea butter leave skin beautifully soft and smooth. The Melting Snowman is a lovely way to pamper yourself after a long day of Christmas shopping or when your Christmas spirits are beginning to fizzle out.

To be honest my Christmas Penguin bubble bar (£3.25) isn’t really a looker either but nevertheless I still felt a bit guilty as I crumbled him into my bath water. The bar filled my bath with a mountain of bubbles and turned my bathwater a beautiful light blue colour. The bathroom filled with an uplifting citrus scent which was more invigorating than relaxing like my snowman melt was. Although I have zero complaints about this little guy I felt it was more aimed at kids than adults; I preferred the spice and warmth of the snowman whereas kids would love crumbling up the penguin and playing in a bath of bubbles and colour. Also I think it’s rather expensive compared to the Snowman and my absolute favourite the Butterbear bath bomb (£1.95).

What are some of your festive Lush favourites his year?

Have you tried these two lovely products?

What are some of you all-time favourite Lush products?

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