Lush Face Masks – Do you ‘Love Lettuce’?

I’m slowly making my way through Lush’s fresh face masks, this week it’s Love Lettuce’s moment in the spotlight. Lush face masks are handmade with fresh ingredients which mean they have to be kept in the fridge and have a use by date, Love Lettuce (75g/£6.50) has a shelf life of 4 weeks. Love Lettuce contains ‘balancing and calming’ pure French lavender oil, honey and almond oil to soothe and moisturise, almond shells to gently exfoliate, adsorbing and cleansing Fullers Earth and ‘nutrient-rich’ agar seaweed gel.

This is like a scrub and mask all rolled into one! It’s clay based which I love as I find they tend to give a more deep clean and are amazing at drawing out impurities. The mask is thick and green, and it’s fragrance is predominantly of lavender oil but it also has a more fresh ‘earthy’ scent to it as well. The mask is perfect for when your skin feels greasy and looks shiny as it absorbs any excess surface oil without leaving skin feeling dried out afterwards. I left my mask on for 10 minutes and then lightly scrubbed off with warm water. The exfoliating almond shells left my skin feeling smooth and glowing.

Have you tried any masks from the Lush Fresh range, which is your favourite?

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