Pampering for a Pound (Part 1) – Vaseline Lipbalm Collection

Okay, I have a confession – I’m addicted to pound shops! This is probably not a big surprise if you have read my recent post on charity shops, my love of thriftiness and bargain hunting takes many forms! Low budget beauty has never been as popular; Revolution, W7 and MUA are just some of the big brands delivering beautiful high quality dupes at a fraction of the cost of their competitors. Although I adore premium brands such as Mac, Smashbox and Benefit, they are definitely a luxury and using more cost effective beauty goodies is a guilt-free way of having fun with makeup, try the latest trends and play about with new looks and colours whilst saving a few pennies along the way. 

So this is the first post in a new series – Pampering for a Pound! A look at a few lovely beauty products that can be bought for the bargain price of one pound. First up needs no introduction as its a bit of a beauty cult classic – the Vaseline Lip Therapy Collection. These infamous petroleum jelly based lip balms have been repackaged time and time again but remain a firm favourite for beauty lovers around the world. I’ve bought countless tins of these little beauties throughout the years. Their rosy lips and cocoa butter versions, along with my tub of cherrylicious Carmex balm, are two of my favourite lip treatments of all time.

The cocoa range is infused with caring, nourishing cocoa butter that leave skin feeling soft and smooth. The rosy lips version uses almond oil to add moisture and leaves lips with a pretty soft pink tint. The original Vaseline like those above uses the petroleum jelly to create a barrier to the outside elements sealing in moisture improving hydration. And there you have it, three lovely, simple, essential products currently retailing from £1.20-£2.19 in other high street stores now available from Poundland.

I also bought a gorgeously scented tub of Argan Oil Hydrating hair mask and hair treatment in my little Poundland shopping haul that I can’t wait to try and report back, hopefully they’ll be two more bargain beauty products that I won’t be able to live without!