Glossy Box – October’s Pop Art Edition

So I’ll start by saying this – wow! I’m so impressed with this months Glossybox (click here for last months Karen Millen Edition), although I’m a little disappointed with one product but I’ll get to that later. October’s Andy Warhol inspired Art Pop edition is full of full sized beauties! As promised I received a full sized bottle of Nuxe Creme Fraiche de Beaute Mask, a 24 hour moisturising face mask that promises to “hydrate and soothe the skin, instantly reducing discomfort or redness” (£19.50 for 50ml). My box also included a full sized tube of So Susan – Flutter, “an intense carbon-black mascara” (£14.95 for 4ml) and my lovely, but so disappointing Ciate London Paint Pot (£9 for 13ml). I’ve never heard of So Susan before but I’m more than happy to add it to my collection of mascaras – a girl can never have too many!

I was promised a “pop of colour” and one of “88 head-turning and trend-setting shades” – what shade of the Ciate paint pot did I receive? White. I’m bitterly disappointed but that’s the luck of the draw with beauty boxes I guess. I’ve always wanted to try Ciate, their bottles are adorable and the brand is so iconic I just wish my box included any other colour but white! I’ve been very unlucky with the shades of makeup I’ve been getting from beauty boxes recently! Mine never contain the vibrant pinks, glamorous reds or pretty teals that are advertised. Anyway, the other samples included were the Etre Belle Liplift Peel, a Yves Rocher fragrance ‘Quelques notes d’Amour’ (£33 for 30ml) and Rimmel London BB Cream Matte (£6.99 for 30ml). I love a matte foundation/BB so I was thrilled that my sample came in light! Finally my luck is changing!

Etre Belle Liplift Peel

At this time of year my lips can become dry, chapped and irritable, and this is essentially a lip exfoliator so I was really excited to try this. So I slowly massaged the sand-like granules into my lips, I didn’t notice any immediate results however I did notice a few hours later how baby soft they were. At £15 I think I’d rather buy Lush’s Bubblegum Lip Scrub (£5.25), it does everything this does at a third of the price… and well it tastes of Bubblegum which is obviously awesome! 

Rimmel Matte BB Cream

My favourite face product of the moment has to be Clinique Stay-Matte Oil-Free Makeup – its lightweight and gives a matte finish, so I was excited to try this BB cream as it promises to deliver the same lovely qualities. 

I really liked this product! If I was a little hard up I would definitely purchase this to take the place of my Clinique foundation for a little while. It’s not quite as good as giving me a matte finish (my nose still looked rather shiny) but it blends incredibly well, I love the colour, the consistency and it feels soft like a moisturiser. I did put on quite a lot of this product to get my desired coverage but you have to remember it’s not a foundation… more like a tinted moisuriser, definitely one of my Glossybox samples that I will purchase in a full sized version. Very impressive Rimmel!

Ciate London Paint Pot

Okay colour a side, this is a great nail polish. I love the brush, it allows for easy application and just a few strokes gives you bold, beautiful, glossy colour which is high impact and long lasting. I can’t wait to try this in Boudoir, Ditch the Heels or Cabaret. They also have some beautiful gift sets this year including the very pretty Milk & Sugar set, ‘Up and Away’ and Big Beauty Bus Collection. The highlight of their Christmas collection? Without a doubt their stunning Mini Mani Manor 2014 advent calendar!

So Susan Flutter Mascara

Like so many other beauty box samples I had never heard of this brand before, this is in no way a disappoint to me – I love discovering little gems like this! It’s one of the many reasons I am slightly addicted to beauty boxes. So the brush is quite long and skinny, not to dissimilar to the Maybelline Great Lash Mascara. The name ‘Flutter’ really captures what this mascaras all about! It curled and separated lashes creating a very soft cute flicked effect. I tend to go for a big brush and lots of volume so it was nice to add this to my collection for some variety.

Yves Rocher fragrance ‘Quelques notes d’Amour’ 

To me, this is a glamorous night time perfume. It quite a rich sensual smell with notes of Patchouli, Cedarwood and Bergamont. Very different from the perfumes I usually go for but a gorgeous going-out scent.

Nuxe Masque Creme Fraiche de Beaute

This 10 minute hydration mask is a pure delight to the skin. It’s not overly scented, it doesn’t ‘self-heat’ or peel off but this face mask soothes and calms in a natural, delicate way. It leaves skin soft and pampered, a fab product to use as a weekly treat to freshen up tired and stressed out skin .

    What did you think of this months Glossybox? I’m alot more happy with it than I was the September edition – 3 full sized products! That’s an unbelievable saving and six beautiful products. I just wish my Pop Art box included the ‘pop’ of colour I was looking for from my Ciate polish!

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