October’s Disappointing Products

This is the first in a series of monthly posts that look at all the products I’ve found myself a little disappointed with. I always feel a bit guilty writing about products that I have mixed feelings about and even downright dislike, especially when the products are from brands and people I really admire and usually adore. I still feel pretty awful about not falling head-over-heels in love with the infamous Zoella Fizz Bar! I feel that every product out there has pros and cons and it’s my job to be honest and report these back to you and let you make up your own mind up – I don’t think I’ve ever used a product and thought it was absolute sheer perfection, some have came very close though. This month I’ve been pretty lucky considering the amount goodies I’ve bought, there are only four that have made my list this month…

1. Creightons Pore Pow Wow Face Mask
Regular readers will know I’m a huge fan of pound shops especially Pound World & Poundland. I love a beauty bargain and these high street stores can be amazing little treasure troves packed with brand names and high quality beauty products at a fraction of the cost of other large chain shops. This month I found some great beauty buys – see my Pampering for a Pound posts for more information, so imagine my disappointment when my run of luck finally ran out! I love the packaging and the price of this product, but unfortunately that’s about it. My skin is not particularly sensitive but within seconds of applying this mask I could feel my skin starting to tingle, and then this quickly escalated into full on burning! The burning sensation started around my nose area and I quickly washed it off before it started to spread. Everyone’s skin is different and this may do wondrous things for others but it’s definitely not a product I would recommend.

2. Maybelline Colour Sensation Popsticks in Crystal Pink 
I’m a bit gutted to reveal that this is another pound shop buy. This lovely packaged lipstick is a bit of mystery to me. I was promised a pretty ‘crystal pink’ shade but this product has no pigment whatsoever. It feels glossy when applied, a similar consistently to my tin of Vaseline and then practically disappears within seconds without a trace. A very strange product, is it supposed to be a lipstick, balm or gloss? It does absolutely nothing! It does smell nice though – it’s always nice to find a positive!

3. Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter (200ml/£8)

The next two products are from brands I adore but I’m afraid sadly disappointed me. The first was this rainforest hair mask from The Body Shop. Urgh, where to I begin. I’ll keep this short, for a full review please read my Battle of the Hair Treatments post. Basically the buildup from this mask made my hair feel heavy, greasy and lank. I found it very difficult to remove as it left an oily coating that lasted for days. It’s worth knowing that my hair is very thick and wavy but I really don’t think my hair type had anything to do with my experience. I’m afraid this product is really not up to The Body Shops usual high standards.

4. No 7 Lovely Lashes Mascara (£12.95)
No 7 is usually one of my favorite beauty brands, I have just ordered their 25 Days of Beauty Advent Calendar – I can’t wait until it arrives! I think that is why I was bitterly disappointed with Lovely Lashes. In a world of MUA and Revolution I have grown to expect alot out of my money when it comes to beauty products, I found this mascara very underwhelming considering it’s price tag. It gives a very subtle look that I feel can be achieved with mascaras alot less expensive that Lovely Lashes. For a full review see my No 7 Exquisite Eyes Gift Box post.

So there you have it my first disappointing products post.

I hope you feel that I have been honest rather than unnecessary harsh or critical. 

Are there any products that have left you disappointed this month? 

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