No 7 Moisture Drench Lipstick in Sweet Copper

Today I’m reviewing the No 7 Moisture Drench Lipstick in Sweet Copper (£9.95). My daytime make-up is usually pretty casual and low maintenance, I only tend wear lipstick on nights out for the extra glam factor. I knew about No 7’s Match Made Foundation Service but I didn’t realise that Boots now provide a lipstick matching service too, so I went to try it out…

The process was very quick and easy. I was asked to sit at the counter while a ‘beauty expert’ very lightly pressed a device to my cheek. This device then reads my skin colour precisely matching it to one of their foundations. My result was ‘Deeply Ivory’ which I was a little surprised at as I have very pale skin and have never been ‘deeply’ anything when it comes to foundation shades! I was then given a card which cross references my skin tone to the perfect lipstick shade.

My lips go rather dry with matte lipsticks so I decided to try No7’s Moisture Drench range which promises their “moisturising formulation keeps your lips smooth and soft”. I chose ‘760 – Sweet Copper’ as recommended on my skin tone card. It seemed the lightest of the bunch. I loved the feel of the lipstick, it didn’t dry out my lips and kept them very soft all night long… and I mean ALL night long; it has tremendous staying power with the colour looking as intense and as fresh as it did when I first applied it. I’m still at odds whether or not it’s the best colour for my not-at-all ‘deep’ but ‘fair’ and ‘ivory’ skin tone however the quality, staying power and easy application of No 7 Moisture Drench make it a welcome addition to my teeny little make-up bag on a night out. I also think the sleek packaging gives the product a luxe & classic feel to it.

Is the No 7 Foundation/Lippy Match Service an exciting way to buy tailor made beautiful make-up or a new gimmick to trick us beauty addicts into spending more? I can’t help thinking the latter when I look at my ‘deeply ivory’ and ‘Soft Cherry’ lipstick recommendations – who wants a bet the foundation equivalent would have looked thick & orangey against my skin tone? I wish I had more time in store to test my theory, although I love this product regardless. 

Have you tried the No7 Moisture Drench range or used their instore Match Made Service? Did you find their advice accurate or puzzling? Let me know with a comment below!