The Beautiful Bluebird – A Beauty Blog

I’ve always been a girly girl. I’ve always loved applying make-up and ‘awing’ over beautiful packaging and pretty colours. My Christmas wishlist is already starting to take shape thanks to my new beauty blog obsession. Every morning I sit at the mirror applying, concealing, agonising and experimenting. Every shopping trip without fail adds a new addition to my make-up collection.

See I have a very pale, plain and freckly face. I suffered from spots quite a lot as a teenager and I have the little pot marks and faded red blemishes to prove it. I also have a little red blood spot on my chin. These are all things probably no one notices but I feel self-conscious about nonetheless. I know we should all ‘love the skin we’re in’ but honestly what I wouldn’t give for a tan and a flawless complexion! I guess if I did I’d find something else to moan about! I’m always more confident and glowing with a fresh face of make-up and a splash of my favourite perfume (Vera Wang – Princess in case you were wondering). Make-up allows me to get rid of my insecurities and, more importantly, feel pretty.

I have yet to master the application of false eyelashes and contouring, sometimes I buy completely the wrong shade and product and I realise beauty blogging is a very competitive business but it seems silly to blog about my life and leave out something I feel so passionate about! I do wonder though can a blog be about baking, crafting, lifestyle and beauty? So here goes nothing, look out for upcoming make-up & beauty reviews from heavenly high street labels to posh and pretty premium brands! Wish me Luck!