The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Toffee Cake

I did something unthinkable this weekend – I made a cake… from a pre-made cake mix! *cue dramatic music*. This is the first in a series of posts – ‘The Lazy Girl’s Guide to…’, a collection of recipes and ideas designed to trick people into believing you’re a domestic goddess!

I was in an extremely lazy mood on Saturday and was desperately in need of some cake (no shock there then). After a quick scan of the baking aisle in my local Morrisons I came away with pre-made vanilla butter cream frosting, Wright’s toffee cake mix (£1.50), caramel curl decorations (£1) and flaked almonds (£1.49) – an hour later I was enjoying a delicious slice of toffee heaven. The batter took minutes to make and around 50 minutes to bake, it also comes in a variety of flavours including ginger, madeira and chocolate.

I definitely recommend the toffee option! The mix can also be used to make a tray bake and cupcakes. A stress free (and guilt free!) delicious toffee cake freshly baked within an hour!